RI in dilemma over Kosovo status

JAKARTA (JP): Indonesia has delayed its decision on whether to recognize or reject Kosovo’s independence until it can settle differences at home and be sure of the international voice.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Monday Indonesia was closely following developments in Kosovo and monitoring views at the national level and at the United Nations before issuing the right decision on Kosovo.

“In time we will convey our best position for Kosovo. If Kosovo’s independence is the best for Kosovo and other nations in the world then we will be in the position to support it.

“In accordance with our traditions, we will consult our parliament to be able to have a position on certain world issues,” Yudhoyono told reporters during a joint press conference with visiting Finnish President Tarja Halonen at the State Palace.

Indonesia’s indecisiveness has been apparently caused by dissenting opinions among domestic stakeholders, with the country’s largest party, Golkar, and several Islamic-related parties, notably the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), the United Development Party (PPP) and the National Mandate Party (PAN)supporting Kosovo’s independence while the second largest party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and several minor parties rejecting it.

Golkar’s senior lawmaker Theo Sambuaga urged the government to quickly recognize and support Kosovo’s independence, underlining the fact that Indonesia is a pro-independence nation and all Kosovo people support the declaration.

The PKS said Indonesia’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence should be made through the UN.

“Indonesia should push for international recognition through the UN General Assembly to put more weight on the recognition,” Mutammimul Ula of the PKS told The Jakarta Post.

But fear of flourishing separatist movements, including Papua and Aceh, as a result of Indonesia’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence haunt the nationalist-oriented PDI-P.

“We should be very careful. Territorial integrity isguaranteed by the UN Charter and our Constitution. Kosovo’s independence will set a bad precedent that a territory can just secede even without the UN’s consent,” senior lawmaker Sidharto Danubroto of PDI-P told the.(abd/dsy/**)

Source: The Jakarta Post


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