Care needed to resolve Papua’s weak governance

Vidhyandika Perkasa , 

No significant progress has eventuated in Papua as far as sociocultural, political and economic dimensions are concerned. Continue reading


Indonesian rights commission probes Suharto-era crimes

Indonesia’s Human Rights Commission has opened inquiries into mass killings and widespread rights abuses during the 32-year Suharto dictatorship, in an attempt to finally bring the perpetrators to justice. Continue reading

Indonesian forest for sale: How low can we go?

Stevie Emilia , Jakarta
Well-crafted words fail to hide the true meaning behind the government’s latest action that might soon allow more mining companies to operate within protected forest areas in return for cash compensation: our forests are for sale. Continue reading

Increased Indonesian LNG terminals projected

Indonesia, once the world’s leading exporter of LNG until being eclipsed by Qatar in 2006, now has plans to use its export facilities to supply re-gasification terminals on the islands of Sumatra and Java in order to satisfy rising domestic demand. Continue reading

The Lombok Treaty problem Usman Hamid and Eko Waluyo

The recent visit of Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda to Australia on Feb. 7 aimed to re-enforce the framework for security cooperation between Australia and Indonesia, known as the Lombok Treaty. A draft of this agreement was signed on Nov. 13, 2006, in Mataram by both governments, and the parliaments of both countries have approved the treaty. Continue reading

Talisman Energy Reports $4.3 Billion in Cash Flow for 2007

Generates Record $2.1 Billion in Earnings

Talisman Energy Inc. (TSX: TLM) (NYSE: TLM) reported its operating and financial results for 2007. Continue reading

Kosovo independence and lessons for Indonesia Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Kosovo’s independence declaration presents a tricky issue for Jakarta, but recognition of Pristina’s sovereignty is a constitutional obligation with longer self-serving benefits for Indonesia‘s own territorial integrity. Continue reading