West Papua Story

New Guinea, or Papua is the world’s second largest island. Over forty thousand years ago people colonized Papua and Australia where they developed thousands of indigenous cultures; but from the 1860s western Papua took a different path. Western Papua from the 1860s had extensive Dutch missionary contact and adapted many western sciences to suit their Papuan cultures and from the 1930s several hundred tribes speaking three hundred languages agreed they should develop an united national identity – the above national seal says “One People, One Soul”.

When Japan invaded after Dec. 1941, the Papuan people denied them aid, movement; but then gave every aid to the United States and Australians, carried and cared for their wounded, gave permission, help build and supplied food for the US bases. General MacArthur decided West Papua should be his Pacific Headquarters and the US staging base for a half million American troops. After the war, West Papua continued its civil developement and the nation’s first electrol roles were completed in July 1960 for the election of the New Guinea Council in January 1961, the Councilors were sworn in by Governor Platteel and officials from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, and South Pacific Commission nations excepting the United States attended the inaugration of the New Guinea Council on 5th April 1961. For more information and dates visit here


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